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Ravenblood Monasterio (Barcelona)

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19 / 03 / 2019

White Dragon, el nuevo álbum de Ankor

White Dragon, el nuevo álbum de Ankor

La banda anuncia así el título y fecha para la publicación de su nuevo trabajo que se espera para el próximo 26 de Abril.

Bajo el siguiente texto, publicado por la banda, se pueden intuir los temas que formarán parte de él:
Under the dark shadow of a HOLY WOLF, dragging our GHOSTS during the years, we realized that the HILL VALLEY we were promised never arrived. Living in A NEW KINGDOM of hearts and false appearances, holding us back and indoctrinating us like WALKING DEAD, we keep rising our hands to the sky, unearthing our legs from the sand.

We’ll continue to overcome any obstacle, jumping all the FENCES that block our way to you, that prevent us from being ourselves.
We’ll fight against GRAVITY, we'll SAIL counter-current, until everything becomes purely AUTOMATIC. Until we remain floating in a NEBULA until the end of time.
This is our ode to music, to art and life. These are our 10 ways of showing who we are, how we are and why we are. And why we’ll continue being.
Discover all the songs on April 26th, pre-order will be available soon, stay tuned.

Holy Wolf
Hill Valley
A New Kingdom
Walking Dead

Raquel García
Ángel Santamaría
John Portillo
Santiago Nieto
Txus García
Felipe Cantarino
Nat Enemede
Jennifer Grant
Carlos Greses

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