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Saurom Salamandra (L'Hospitalet (Bcn))

Kiss of Death (Kiss Tribute Band) La casa del Loco (Zaragoza)

Saurom París 15 (Málaga)

Forja + Obscens + Strip Wolf (Barcelona)

Easy Rider + Tâlesien Transylvania (Vigo)

Easy Rider Transylvania (Vigo)

Saurom Teatro Circo (Murcia)

Nurcry + Sin Control Revi Live (Madrid)

The Slavers (Iron Maiden Cover Band) + Kiss of Death (Kiss Tribute Band) Peter Rock (Valencia)

Burning Point - Burning Point (2015)

Burning Point - Burning Point
Burning Point logo

Burning Point

Power Metal
AFM Records


01. In The Shadows
02. All The Madness (2015)
03. Signs Of Danger (2015)
04. Find Your Soul
05. Heart Of Gold (2015)
06. My Darkest Times
07. Dawn Of The Ancient War (2015)
08. Into The Fire (2015)
09. Queen Of Fire
10. Blackened The Sun (2015)
11. I've Had Enough (Into The Fire) - Kiss Cover


Veus: Nitte Valo
Guitarras: Pete Ahonen
Guitarras: Pekka Kolivuori
Baix: Sammy Nyman
Teclats: Jarkko Väisänen
Bateria: Jussi Ontero


Bruno Molina

Sara Sánchez
Jesús Valverde
Jordi Pons Gibernau

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